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Strategic Alliances

Management consulting firms, M&A firms, Search funds and attorney's looking to collaborate and drive shared growth.

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Business brokers, Attorney's, Investment bankers, and consultants with a wide and diverse network of clients.

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Software companies looking to partner with Jevo to drive shared growth by exposing their offerings to a wider array of clients.

Strategic Alliances

Grow your business as a
strategic partner

Set the stage to enable and support growth in your company by gaining the ability to grow without being hampered. You can Undertake more projects without bogging down your core staff.
Mergers & Acquisitions Firms

Referral Partners

Become a referral partner
and start earning

Earn income without the hassle of having to spend time researching, putting together lengthy reports, and bogging down your team with tasks that are not your core business.
Business brokers

Tech Partners

Increase the value and
necessity of your product

Become a tech partner and give your users even more value and increase their adoption of your product. Together, we’ll work to create an exceptional customer experience.
Tech Firms
Software Firms
Business brokers
IT Consultants

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