Immigration Visa
Business Plan


We partner with entrepreneurs to deliver completely customized business plans that
meet USCIS guidelines and standards.

We create business plans that meet the unique needs of the USCIS and advise our clients on structuring entities, acquisitions, and strategic expansion to satisfy US immigration requirements. Each business plan is unique, and guided by an experienced immigration attorney.

We write comprehensive and highly detailed business plans that include an analysis of your business’ market, competition, and trends, as well as marketing strategies. we strategize with immigration lawyers and their clients to craft professional, thorough, custom-made business plan.


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EB-5 Visa Business Plan

The EB-5 Business plan is designed to demonstrate Matter of Ho compliance required by I-526 immigration Petition. We deliver our clients a comprehensive, detailed , compelling business plan that highlights the job creation potential of the new venture.

L1 Visa Business Plan

The L1 Visa Business plan is prepared in compliance to USCIS guidelines, and to highlight evidence that the U.S. based business will support the managerial or executive positions being transferred to the U.S from an overseas office. We write L-1A, and L-1B visas business plans. We have helped countless clients around the globe bring their valued, foreign-based team members and their families to the US.

E2 Visa Business Plan

The E-2 Visa Business Plan is developed in support of our clients visa application- by detailing how their investment will be utilized and by demonstrating that the level of investment is sufficient to make the venture operational and sufficient to support the ventures growth projections. We provide exceptional immigration business plan services with a focus on all E2 requirements, including substantiality of the business and marginality of the business.

EB2-NIW Business plan

For NIW applicants applying as entrepreneurs, we prepare a comprehensive business plan in the application. The EB2-NIW is designed to show the planned trajectory of the company and reinforce how the company’s activities will serve areas of substantial merit and national importance. We provide professional and highly detailed impact analyses and business plans that are fully aligned with our client’s immigration attorney’s strategy.

H1B Visa Business Plan

H-1B Visa Business Plan is designed to enhance the chances that our clients visa application will get approved. We bolster the application with a well-written business plan that will demonstrate to the USCIS that our client meets the criteria. We bolster the application with a well-written business plan that will demonstrate to the USCIS that our client meets the criteria.

E1 Visa Business Plan

The E1 Treaty Trader Visa plan is prepared to show that moving to the U.S. will help our clients expand business opportunities with existing U.S. based customers. We help to clients wanting to establish and/or expand their business operations in the United States by drafting a well-written and concise plan. We partner with clients and immigration attorneys to bring completely customized and thorough business plans that meet USCIS guidelines and adjudication standards.

EB1C visa Business Plan

This green card is for L-1A managers and executives that are in the U.S. under nonimmigrant status due to the fact that many of the EB-1C requirements are similar to that of the L-1A. Since the burden of proof is on the petitioner, we ensure the EB1C visa business plan is highly-detailed and contains the documentation required for a successful petition.